Getting Started

Congratulations on deciding to get a job in tech and thank you for choosing Breaking Into Startups as the platform to help you get there!

Many of you have been listening to the Breaking Into Startups Podcast and some of you discovered us through other channels. All in all, we are all driven by the fact that anyone can break into tech from any background.

Artur, Timur, and Ruben broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds a couple years ago and their Breaking Into Startups blog series about how they got roles in software engineering, sales, and partnerships went viral. 🚀

That led to thousands of people reaching out to us to learn how to get a job or to "grab coffee", and or "pick our brain" with decision makers in the tech industry. While we responded to every single email, we realized that we would need to create career GPS for people from non-traditional backgrounds. 🔑

The 5 Step Challenge is essentially what we would tell you during that initial coffee meeting if you had just landed in a new city trying to break into tech.

We don't believe in luck and part of the reason we were able to get here is because there is no such thing as a self-made person. We did this together and encourage you to take fully advantage of the Facebook Community so that we can all hold each other accountable collectively. These relationships are more powerful than you may think.

The folks who followed our method ended up getting jobs at companies like Snapchat, Amazon, Google and others.

During this process we have seen not only what succeeds but also what has failed miserably, so we designed this Challenge to give you the best stuff in small chunks to help you overcome your anxieties, fears and misconceptions.

That means you are going to learn the best things in the least amount of time so you can succeed in making a transition into tech.

We also put together a list of Resources, a curated list of the tools and programs we strongly recommend for kicking off your journey into tech and navigating the landscape to your dream role

This month, we’re going deep, and highly suggest that you take this seriously, completing all of the exercises before moving onto the next challenge. It may feel less technical and it can be tempting to cut corners but that’s not the way to make the best of this. The real fruits will bare when you’re committed to the process.

The reward of completing this challenge is a life time access to the Breaking Into Startups Challenge community, scholarships, our events, mentorship opportunities, housing, and the startup job and internship partnerships we create exclusively for our members.

Once you’ve completed each challenge be sure to click the “Complete and Continue” button at the top to track your progress. This challenge works on the honor system – you are participating because you want to improve your life. We trust you to only mark a challenge as complete after you’ve actually done it 😉

Onward and upward!

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